„I’m confident in saying that people respond to your positive vibes and all notice (and possibly envy😉) your high energy levels.

This energy is creative/effortlessly artistic and very good & inspiring to be around.

Your creativity energises people because you genuinely love what you do.

You will always encourage people to think outside the box and people feel safe with you because you are interested in them and the least judgemental person they will have met.”

Heike Kenny

„As an Art Teacher you have allowed my children to explore different arts giving them permission and quiet encouragement to just do it. They have been schooled by you since early years in Primary school and now into secondary school. You are able to relate to all ages and make it interesting for all ages. My girls are confident artists and I only wish I could have been given the same opportunities growing up.”

Joanna Crocker-Damm

„My daughter absolutely loves art with Violina. She has learnt so much over the years and finds it very relaxing and enjoyable.

She has enjoyed a group classes after school at Foulds School, group classes at the library, art with a friend at our home and numerous trips to London Art Galleries. She never wants to miss a trip, she enjoys them so much. Violina is friendly and knowledgeable and we are always excited to find out what her next project will be. When is your next art trip Violina?”

Anne Lavelle

„I have known Violina for over ten years now and from the very beginning it struck me how potent, able, creative and non-orthodox she is in whatever she undertakes. Violina has a brave, curious approach towards not only art but life in general.

What I love the most (and sometimes what I fear the most) in Violina’s art lessons is how she would take me out of my comfort zone and gently (but consistently) force me to look at and to see things differently.

I love Violina’s pedagogy- she is an incredibly gifted, experienced artist but she has never made me feel as if she would have all the answers, as if there was an expectation to “produce” specific outcome. There is no right or wrong way about art with Violina, instead it is a journey.

If you decide to try Violina’s art class be ready to embark on a journey of your own – I cannot tell you where exactly it will take you, but I know it will help you grow in many different ways and that it will expand your personal horizons.”

Justina Masurec-Assunsao
Adult student
“I have always enjoyed making things but never believed that I could create anything without carefully following a precise set of instructions.  Many years ago, in art lessons at school, whilst the rest of the class were drawing and painting, I asked and was allowed to construct models which only involved straight lines.  I did not have any confidence in my ability to just mess about with paints or pastels.

The first time I participated in one of Violina’s workshops, I painted a picture that was good enough to frame and still hangs on the wall of my office today.  Violina has since led me through projects that give each participant techniques to learn and a starting idea but we are each patiently encouraged to experiment and be creative within the framework.  I have been able to use my imagination, enjoy the process and not worry if the result wasn’t good. The classes are absorbing and therapeutic.”

Rosemary Burslem
Adult student

“Violina has inspired my daughter with her art classes since she was in Year 1. She is now in secondary school and still enjoys and looks forward to her art class every week. Thanks to Violina she has discovered different artists and painters and learned how to use different painting techniques and materials. I would definitely recommend Violina as an art teacher for children and adults (I have attended one of her group workshops and loved it!). She is patient and encourages you to go beyond your comfort zone. With Violina anyone is an artist!”

Yolanda Pedrosa

If I had to pair Violina with a colour, she’s my warm yellow. Always happy, positive and smiling, spreading positivity. Her art lessons are no different to her personality. They leave you recharged, uplifted and you feel inspired, creative and willing to paint forever. Violina is the one who can show you the beauty even in the most mundane things in life.

Nevena Ivanova
Adult student
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